Gift Guide for the Sentimental Person

Sentimental Gift Guide

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After so many months of messed-up holiday plans and time away from loved ones, this Christmas is the ideal opportunity to show (and remind) your loved ones just how much you love and appreciate them. If you’re back to gathering in-person or if you’re mailing a gift from elsewhere, these sweet ideas are often customizable for the recipient, showing them that you put a little extra thought into their gifts this year! WINK WINK!

Here are nine gift ideas for the sentimental person in your life!

Gift Ideas for the Sentimental Person

Sentimental Gift Guide

City Skyline Rings
Cities often hold significance in people’s lives for good reason! Maybe they have family there, vacation there often, or something else significant happened there – whatever! It’s a thoughtful gift that commemorates a special place.

Birthdate Books & Candles
Using someone’s birthday, gift them a personalized book and candle for their special day – any time of year. The candles use all-natural soy and coconut wax with natural fragrances. Books are fabric-bound hardcover with over 70 pages of horoscopes and interpretation.

Custom Barn Quilt
I think these would be ideal for anyone who has farmhouse-style decor and for anyone who loves gifts that feature colors from weddings, holidays, or other special events. They’re customizable and can be hung indoors or out, plus they can be an item that’s passed down over the years.

Artifact Life Story Recording
If you’ve got family members with amazing life stories to tell, this is a fantastic option! For a flat fee, order the episode, and Artifact takes it from there. Tell them who to interview, what to talk about, schedule the recording, and you’ll get a polished studio-worthy recording returned to you. The interviewer could be an actor, podcast host, or journalist, but the idea is the same – you get a recording of a loved one’s story that lasts for years to come.

Custom Pet + Family Portrait
These custom prints can be made of just someone’s pets or even the whole family. Great for someone who has a super special fur kid or one who’s crossed the rainbow bridge recently. A gorgeous way to highlight a part of someone’s family, too.

I Wrote a Book About You
A fill-in-the-blank book that you fill out and give to the recipient. Full of meaningful prompts that allows the giver to make it personal for the chosen recipient.

Family photos, videos, and other older forms of media (reels, audio, and more), are easily digitized and returned to you. If you’ve got family or friends with hordes of old photos or videos that you’d like to have preserved for future generations, this is an outstanding gift option.

Custom Made To Order Comic Book Page
This customized comic page is created based on the images and memories you provide. In the framed print, tell the story of your relationship, their work, or something else in 7-9 hand-drawn panels. Create something truly unique and memorable with this special gift.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album
Another photo-related gift, but this one celebrates life’s major occasions and milestones in a luxury, lay-flat photo album. Customizable from the cover to the pages, this album highlights incredible moments for the recipient.

After a hard couple of years, this Christmas is a perfect chance to show (and tell) people just how much you love and appreciate them. Christmas 2021 is the ideal chance to give that meaningful gift to people you love.

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What are sentimental gifts that you’ve loved? What would you add?

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