Gift Guide of Indianapolis Makers

Indy Makers Gift Guide

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Shopping small this season in Indianapolis is super easy! There are a VARIETY of local makers who create all kinds of household goods, accessories, clothing, and more. So many makers in the general Indianapolis area are making ideal items for gifting during this holiday season.

Shopping Ideas from Indianapolis Makers

Indianapolis Makers Gift Guide

Fox Fabrix – Locally made hand-dyed shirts, socks, onesies, pants, and more are available from Fox Fabrix. Usually sold in pop-up locations around town, check out her Instagram to see where her items will be available next!

Gravesco Pottery – Functional handmade pottery for basically every part of your life. Tumblers to mugs to plates to platers, these items are perfect for everyday use. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and neutrals to fit any design. I’ve loved the pieces I’ve purchased, and they’ve been great additions to my collection.

Howl + Hide – These are seriously some of my favorite leather goods! I have gifted from Howl + Hide several times (check out their sample sales) and pre-ordered a bag of my own. I highly recommend something they make – plus, the items come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Indiana Soap Company – For soaps that are vegan, gluten-free, and handcrafted, Indiana Soap Co. has you covered. They’ve also got other skin and lip balms, shower steamers, and a collection of soaps based on Indiana parks. 

Cream & Concrete – I love the simplicity of these concrete pieces. Cream & Concrete has minimalist jewelry, coasters, planters, bowls, and more made of white concrete that can fit any home or office aesthetic. 

Indy Hammered – I think making my own knife with my own hands in one of their classes would be pretty freaking fantastic (and I’ve had friends suggest it to me more than once), but the selection of already available knives on their website is pretty cool. They offer kitchen knives, straight razors, and you could even design your own from a blueprint.  

B. Happy Peanut Butter – It’s locally made peanut butter, and it’s great for stocking stuffers or the foodies in your life! Get plain crunchy peanut butter, or get fancy with some of their blends! My personal faves include So Happy Together (peanut butter & snickerdoodle popcorn) and Don’t Worry (peanut butter, coconut, dark chocolate, and almond). If you’re in Indiana, many Kroger, Meijer, and Fresh Thyme stores carry their products.

Tinker Coffee Company – Tinker Coffee Co. is a specialty roaster in Indianapolis. Even in Indy, they’re able to source a variety of coffees from around the world, and they even offer occasional cupping classes for those who are genuinely into learning more about coffee. Plus, you can visit them in person at their locations in The Amp, the Indianapolis International Airport, and their 16th Street Roastery. You can also find Tinker Coffee inside of Hotel Indy in The Brandon Coffee Bar. 

Salame Jewelry Designs – I’m a fan of basically anything I’ve ever ordered or bought from Rana! I love that everything is handmade and is super versatile for everyday wear. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hairpins, bolos – she’s covered everything. You can buy direct from her website or purchase her jewelry at some Indy area stores like Homespun, Silver in the City, or Onatah.

Buying from small businesses and makers will be huge this holiday season, so I always recommend buying early to anyone who asks. Supporting small businesses keeps money in the community via sales tax, creates local jobs, and helps neighbors succeed at what they’re trying to grow! It’s a win-win!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: Are you shopping small with Indy makers this holiday season? Where are your favorite spots?

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