Gifts for a Merry Etsy Christmas!

Merry Etsy Christmas

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I love making lists for holiday gifts! Gifts that I would love to give someone, gifts for a specific person or event, and even the gifts that I would love to receive!

I’ve shared some of my favorite collections from my own Etsy account page – full of things for summer camp, theatre nerds, Maine lovers, and even around the house. Etsy makes it super easy to create a collection for just about any idea you have! Plus, send your collection to people who may need some gift inspiration for you this year!

My Favorite Etsy Collections for Christmas Gifts

Theatre Nerds – I’ve compiled PLENTY of ideas for anyone who loves theatre! Whether they are performers, directors, stage parents, or spectators, you’ll find some inspiration here!

Maine Goodies – It’s NO secret that I’m a lover of anything related to the state of Maine. I like jewelry, I like the decor, I love the lobster – I. LOVE. IT. ALL. If anything related to Maine from one of these Etsy shops turned up at my door, I’d be tickled pink.

Summer Camp Gifts – I’m also VERY into summer camp. If you’ve got a camper or counselor in your life, these will surely inspire you when you need a gift for them. Items that are useful for the camp season and during the 10 months away from camp are all in this collection.

If you’re in the market for small-batch or handmade holiday gifts, look no further than the Etsy Holiday Shop for inspiration this season!

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TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What are some of your favorite finds on Etsy? What are your favorite shops? Link ’em up below!

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