Creating My 2022 Vision Board

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Gone are the days of getting out old magazines and newspapers to cut out images and slap them on a poster board. If you want to do it that way, cool! Go for it! Thanks to the glory of the internet and Canva, you can do it right on your computer screen! 

With your own curated vision board collage, you can resize it to be your desktop wallpaper or home screen on your phone. I’ve done both this year, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone below. 

I’ve created vision boards the old-fashioned way in the past, but I actually enjoy doing it digitally now. This way, I can make it fit in various locations so that I have to see it every day. I’ve resized it to fit my laptop screen and my phone, so here’s hoping that the extra visuals help me out this year. 

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a great way to visualize and manifest your goals in real life. It does so by helping you mentally see them on paper or your phone. The subconscious mind is also a great tool to help you achieve your goals. How you create that is entirely up to you.

There’s a saying about “where focus goes, attention flows,” and using a vision board is a great way to see all of that laid out in front of you regularly. Think about it as a visual representation of things you want in your life.

For your board, start by choosing photos (your own or just from Pinterest or elsewhere online) that highlight things you want. Remember that these images can be words or affirmations, pretty fonts, or whatever you like to see. The photos don’t need to mean anything to anyone else; the images are for your brain to decipher. 

How I Started

Personally, I start with making a list of goals or whatever things may be important to me in the new year. That way, I have an idea about what type of imagery I may be looking for when building my board.

Once I have that list, I start searching for those images. Again, you can use Google, Pinterest, stock photo sites, or your own stash. I suggest using simple search terms to find your pictures. Things like “money” or “books” or “[whatever location].” Again, these images only need to make sense to you. 

When I have an image I like, I just screengrab or download it into a folder on my desktop for easy access once I’m ready to lay it out in Canva. Again, no right or wrong way to do this.

Build Your Vision Board in Canva

Canva makes this super easy. You can use their pre-designed grids and project sizes, but you can also freehand the design and size yourself. 

  1. Open Canva (it’s free, or you can pay for Premium)
  2. Pick a project size or make it custom (I made mine 11×14 in case I decided to print it out)
  3. Vertical or Horizontal? The choice is yours. 
  4. Pick a grid, or just start uploading your images to the project. 
  5. Make it look however you want it to – no rules!
  6. SAVE IT! Download it to your computer, phone, print it – up to you!)

My Board for 2022

Perhaps this post will inspire you to get out there and make your own vision board for the year. Digital is a bit less messy, and you can choose from a wider selection of images than you can find in just a few magazines.

Have fun!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: Do you make a vision board each year? Have you tried a digital one yet?

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