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If you know me out in the real world, you’ll know that last week I was a part of one of my favorite things – a new musical. I had an extremely fun opportunity to be a part of a process that really gets my brain going. Reading new work (play or musical) that is still being developed just ignites a a part of my brain that not much else does. It gives me such joy and it’s also a little thrilling to read and sing something that hasn’t been performed publicly yet. And I got to do all of that for a week! I missed this process!

LIGHT & SHADOW is a new musical written by some of my amazing friends and their colleagues from LA. The folks from LA even flew out to Indiana for the week to be part of the process. The musical focuses on some of the women killed by Jack The Ripper, but the story is told through a couple of love stories and subplots. As this was part of the writers’ developmental process, I’m sure a few angles of the story will change before it is complete, but this particular reading was it’s first complete ‘performance’ in it’s current entirety. I use ‘performance’ lightly as we carried scripts and only did loose blocking and movement. The audience was full – we were sold out – and full of great friends and feedback about what they’d seen. I’m really proud that Indianapolis can be a place that helps cultivate new work!

Being a part of the development process of new theatrical work has been an interest of mine since I was part of the New Musicals immersions at Millikin University. Also, it’s been quite some time since I’ve got to dive in to something entirely brand new. It’s challenging and exciting all at the same time. My sight-singing skills get tested and there are always script and lyric changes coming down the line. It’s an amazing practice in going with the flow and playing – not always striving for perfection.

I only wish we could have performed it more than one night! It was a blast and I’m eager to see where this piece goes in the future!

Up next – getting ready for MY FAIR LADY!

Below, check out some of my photos from the week!

These boys are intense! “Capture the Crowd” run during LIGHT & SHADOW!

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Mr. & Mrs. George Lusk are very seriously ready for tonight’s LIGHT & SHADOW! #indystage

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