Oh, 2016? …that happened.

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This was my #2016bestnine – and I don’t even think it sums up my 2016 in a decent way. Some of these moments that are highlighted were a lot of fun, but I laugh at seeing one year of my life “justified” in these nine photos.

I also know it’s February, but I don’t really care. I’m fortunate to have been busy into this new year – writing, singing, babysitting, working, spending time with friends, and the like. 2016 was a journey, but 2017 is turning into a completely different adventure that I never anticipated.

Trust me, as we neared the end of 2016, 2017 was going to be VERY different than what it’s turned out to be. The quote, “plans are things that change,” could not have been more true. So many plans were laid out to the finest details, but plans changed…obviously. I re-grouped quickly and kept my life in motion rather than sit around and stew about what could have happened instead.

2016 closed a few doors, but 2017 is already opening some pretty big windows and I’m more than alright with that.

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