I Started a Swell Cast!

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What’s a Swell Cast, you ask? I’ll tell you! Here’s the simple answer, from the Swell website, “A Swell is a short piece of audio, up to 5 minutes max, that you record and post to your Swellcast.” So basically, I’ve started a mini-podcast of sorts!


What IS a Swell Cast?

With Swell, all you need is a phone and the app. Then, you just talk! You don’t have to have any expensive equipment either. Swell also doesn’t require a schedule. It allows you to start, post, and reply to any one of its streams at any time.

Right after you record, it provides a mini transcription called a “smart snippet.” The Swell smart snippets feature is a feature that shows short summaries of relevant text in audio content. It makes it easy to browse through the various conversations going on in the platform and catch up on what’s being said by other people.

Swell also offers options to choose stations, like Travel, Food & Drink, Life Stories, Books, etc. So there’s something for everyone. You can also create private, invitation-only groups that are for close friends or family members. These are private, and only those who have joined can see them.

Anyone can listen to Swells on other social networks without the app being installed. Swellcasters can also export 30-second videos of their replies or conversations to other mediums like Instagram and YouTube.

Premium content is also an option for creators by creating a subscription for their audiences.

Swell Cast vs. Podcast

Swells are short audio files that can be recorded and shared through the Swell app. Anyone can hear and respond to them. Swellcasts are generally considered to be more interactive and shorter than podcasts. They allow listeners to respond by posting their own versions on the Swellcast app. Anyone can start creating one right away.

What I’ll Talk About

Great question! I’m open to topics! I’m planning to talk about life in Indy, shows I’m seeing or doing, travel stories, and life! Pretty much a lot of the same things you’ll find here, but I’ll just be talking about it in snippets, most likely. I’m hoping to share 2-3 a week, so who knows what I’ll end up sharing, but if you have ideas? I’m up for it!

Check out my Swell Cast here if you’d like to see what it’s all about!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: Have you heard of Swell yet? Would you give a platform like this a try?

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