Where I’ve Been!

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Photo Credit: ME at the top of Mt. Washington!

Whew! I’ve lived a life since I last posted, so thanks for sticking around! In the time since I last posted anything on here, it’s been a crazy time. My Instagram shows all of the highlights below!

I sent home all of my campers and said goodbye to Maine for now…

Drove down to and all around Massachusetts for a few days…

Then, hung out in Mystic, CT and the surrounding area for a bit…

Now, I’m back in Indianapolis and up to my eyeballs in IndyFringe Theatre Festival fun!I’m working on a few posts that highlight my travels a little more in depth, but I wanted to post a little something now that I’m back and returning to the swing of things. Prepping for some projects coming up and doing a lot of client work, but I’m getting back in the hang of it.

Look for these posts in the next two weeks or so:

– About a Day in Revere & Salem, MA
– About a Day in Concord, MA
– About a Day in Mystic, CT
– My Favorite Apps for Long Road Trips
– Excursions for Kids in Maine & New Hampshire

I want to organize my photos and thoughts a little bit more, but I’m sure there will be lots to read here in the coming days.

Check back soon!


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