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Green Room 42 Cover

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If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that NYC is one of my absolute favorite travel destinations. I’ve written about so many of my frugal travel hacks that make visiting one of the greatest cities in the world a reality for me every single year. During my latest trip, I’ve picked up some goodies to share with all of you that I have NEVER covered before, so I hope you enjoy!

While I was a guest of the GR42 PR staff, my love of live performances and boy bands is oh, so very real!

Presenting…The Green Room 42!

Like I’ve said, I have seen A LOT of shows in several different theatres in NYC. But this time, I made a stop to check out a new-to-me location. In the middle of the midtown hustle & bustle, inside of a hotel no less, you can find The Green Room 42. On the fourth floor of YOTEL, you hop off of the elevator into this funky wide open space that you don’t think is actually a theatre. 

Whatever this is will greet you as soon as you walk in!
The show of the day!

No matter where you sit inside, you’re super close to the stage. It’s intimate, but it’s hip. It’s not hoity-toity. The staff is personable and helpful. During this particular show, I was surrounded by audience members of all ages. Kids, a group celebrating a bachelorette party, and the 50-something ladies who brunch – they were all there and enjoying the show. 

Green Room 42 Stage
Great view – no matter where you sit!
Green Room 42 welcome
This is always a fun surprise to welcome you!
Green Room 42 seating
Beautiful seating options all around the room.

The Entertainment

The Green Room 42 hosts a variety of acts on varying days. Featuring some of the Broadway names that we all know and love (Adam Pascal, Alice Ripley, etc), plus a few more non-traditional options like Drag Bingo, GR42 Sings Disney Villains, and Boy Band Brunch (which is the show I was able to see). 

The Boy Band Project was an absolute delight to watch on a dreary Sunday morning! If you love boy bands (and we all should), this is a must-see! Luckily, they perform pretty often in this venue – so plan ahead and snag some tickets! If you’re a child of the 90s, you’ll find plenty to appreciate and sing along to during their show. 

Food & Drink

The brunch menu on the day I was there had something for everyone. I opted for a stack of pancakes, but I could have gotten so many other things – omelets, a burger, or I could have just skipped to dessert. Thanks to the onsite restaurant, Green Fig, all visitors to The Green Room 42 have a delicious menu to choose from. 

Green Room 42 menu
Seriously something for every diner!

Plus, you can order to your table direct to your cell phone which is pretty fantastic. Scan the code, enter your order, pay with your phone, and boom – your food shows up without flagging down your server during the show! 

Green Room 42 online ordering
Order direct from your phone!

Also, order a beverage – the mimosas were on point that day!

Recommended? Absolutely

Swinging by The Green Room 42 should absolutely be on your list. Getting off the touristy path when you’re in NYC is so important. With the average ticket prices for their shows falling between $20-50, there’s no reason not to check it out. I mean, you could potentially see Alice Ripley or Adam Pascal for less than $100. That’s a no brainer, plus that’s cheaper than catching them when they come to do shows in my hometown of Indianapolis. Just sayin’.

In Conclusion…

Go. Support something that isn’t just Broadway on your next trip. Who knows, you might just discover a new place or artist that you love. 

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TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: Have you ever been to The Green Room 42? What’s your favorite NYC venue? Leave a comment below!

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