April Birthdays in 2020: How Do We Celebrate Them?

April 2020 Birthdays

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Oh gosh, if you’re celebrating a birthday in the month of April (like me), this is certainly one that you won’t forget! Whatever plans we may have had for this month of our lives may have been chucked out the window, but there’s so much to look forward to once this is all over – even if it means we’re celebrating birthdays a few weeks later!

I took a very informal poll from some other people who are celebrating birthdays this month while we’re all practicing social distancing. Some very recurrent themes were popping up:

  • We want to celebrate with other people. Not surprised.
  • We want to eat some of our favorite foods. Duh.
  • We want to get back to our routines and favorite places. Absolutely.

When we’re pulled out of our routines, some of those little everyday moments that we’re so used to become even more obvious when we don’t get to experience them. And when you’re spending birthdays in quarantine, the phrase “treat yourself” means so much more when you can’t do all of the things you want.

We’re all in this together (cue the song), but if you’ve got a friend who is celebrating a birthday, can’t throw a party, or is an extrovert struggling hardcore during this weird season – show them you’re thinking of them! It doesn’t have to be big or blow your budget. Using some of the amazing suggestions from my poll, I’ve created a shortlist of things you can do for friends with April quarantine birthdays to let them know you’re thinking of them this spring!

Support their favorite organizations or small businesses.

“Tons of donations made to Footlite Musicals”Lauren L.

Many of us don’t really need more stuff for our homes or daily lives. That said, many of us have organizations that we love dearly and our huge parts of lives, so make a cash gift in their honor! For example, Lauren (quoted above) ran a Facebook donation campaign for her birthday that benefited Footlite Musicals. It’s a win-win!

Is there a small business that your friend frequents? Perfect. Buy them a gift card to use later and help keep a small business moving forward and support the local economy. This can include supporting their gym habit with a gift card, buying a gift card for a cleaning service, or arranging for a night off with a babysitter when the social distancing ends.

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Throw Them a Zoom Party

“I would like Olive Garden delivery and have a dress-up dinner date with friends on Zoom!” – Tara C.

Almost every response mentioned being with their friends or family in some way. If you’re usually the person who plans the dinners out and fun activities for someone’s birthday, this year you can plan a Zoom party. Bonus points if you can make it a surprise. Give it a theme, plan a game, make a slideshow. GO ALL OUT and learn how to use Zoom.

Send Their Favorite Food or Drink to Their Door

“Whiskey delivery would be a joy right now.” – Frankie B.

Never underestimate sending someone food or alcohol. Especially now when we’re limiting our trips out of the house. Food delivery via a courier (UberEats, Postmates, or ClusterTruck), order their favorite pizza or Chinese food for delivery, or something you pick up curbside to deliver yourself means a lot!

Also, you can ship (not mail) alcohol in most states. Many wineries and distilleries ship either directly or through third-party businesses – like LivingSocial or Groupon! If you know what they like and know their address, send them something to make their favorite quarantinis.

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Snail mail!

“I’m also super sentimental, so cards from all my loved ones would completely make my day!” – Jenny R.

It doesn’t matter how old or young someone might be, they’d probably love some good old fashioned birthday cards! Get the kids in on it and have them make a custom card or just create your own note to send. Bonus points if you slip that gift card or cash money in the envelope! 🙂 If your card stash is low, I’d suggest an app like TouchNote! Create the card, enter the recipient’s address and they’ll take care of the printing and mailing! Or, if an email is more your jam, Paperless Post is a great online option!

Something They’ll Obviously See

This is where those drive-by parades come into play. Decorate their lawn, sidewalk, or driveway. Put balloons in their lawn or wrap lights around their mailbox. Send flowers (1-800-Flowers offers a no-contact delivery option)! Be creative – it’s the thought that counts.

BONUS: If you’re really just stumped on how to celebrate someone’s birthday in quarantine, ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT. Everyone has SOMETHING that they want for their birthday. Who knows, if you ask, you may just get them something that makes staying at home a little more enjoyable at this point. Amazon Prime can get items to their location quickly!

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In short, reach out and recognize your friends’ birthdays while they’re staying home. No one’s April birthday is turning out to be quite what we planned, but here we are. Send your birthday wishes to your April friends! We’ll appreciate it!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What are your plans for a birthday safe-at-home? What would the ideal birthday in quarantine look like?

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