33 Thoughts from a Quarantined Pandemic Birthday

Kelsee B Hankins 33 Thoughts from Quarantined Pandemic Birthday

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Today, I’m 33. What? Excuse me? Really?!?! I swear it is impossible, but my mother and my birth certificate definitely tell me that I am indeed 33. This isn’t a milestone birthday, traditionally, but anyone who is celebrating a birthday (or any major events) during this crazy pandemic might consider this a milestone in some way. When you’ve spent the majority of the last 40 days(ish) by yourself, there’s definitely been time for lots of reflection and lots of random thoughts. So, for funsies, I’m giving you 33 Thoughts from a Quarantined Pandemic Birthday.

  1. How in the world does one person use SO MANY dishes? I’m always running that damn dishwasher. 
  2. Along with #1, paper plates have now saved my sanity from having to do all the dishes.
  3. If everything that was planned for my birthday actually happened, would I have truly appreciated it? 
  4. Who would have thought that taking the extra long drive to Dunkin’ Donuts would become the highlight of my week? Hey there, #FreeDonutFriday!
  5. I put on jeans for the first time in 38 days today. They still fit – no problems there! 
  6. With all this spare time, I should totally organize all that stuff! Yeah, no. Most likely it’s just been thrown in the trash.
  7. How much coffee is too much? Asking for me. 
  8. Mental health professionals taking telehealth appointments right now are probably getting their butts kicked right now. Thank them too when you’re thinking of all the medical pros out there.
  9. Once we don’t have to distance, I’m gonna be that person walking down Mass Ave with a sign that says “free hugs.” Come find me!
  10. I love a good Zoom call or FaceTime, but chances are…an email will get the job done just fine.
Say yes to the birthday cake macarons. Always.
  1. The true heroes of this pandemic are DOGS. Thank goodness I cross paths with a few when I’m out walking most days. 
  2. Why am I making my bed every single day? I have no clue, but thanks to this insanity – I’ve done it consistently for 38 days in a row. 
  3.  The above actually cracks me up because no one besides me is here to see it! 
  4.  How many times can I say “Man, look at all this $$ I’m saving!” followed immediately with “WHY IS FOOD SO EXPENSIVE!??!?!!”
  5. To add to that, this time has been a rediscovery of how great a cook I am. Even though I really don’t like cooking. 
  1. Surrendering is truly an art. It’s really hard to do. 
  2. I think I’ve acquired so much more gray hair in the last month. At least more than I have EVER noticed before.
  3. What do I really want to do first thing when the restrictions are lifted? Where am I gonna go first?
  4. What are we learning during this? What is the lesson here? We’ve got to gain SOMETHING from all of this.
  5. All this being inside has made me realize just WHY I hire a cleaning person. I have no domestic skills! 
  6. Same when it comes to home decor. Is it functional? Great, that’s all I really need.
  7. I seem to have so much energy that I’ve started running. Outdoors. Down the street. Who am I? I don’t even know anymore.
  8. Why does every single person on Wheel of Fortune scream so loudly when they know the answers!?!?
  9. I really want to buy some new pieces from IKEA, but the pieces I want…THEY DON’T SHIP. Harrumph. 
  10. If I didn’t use my Passion Planner daily, I wouldn’t know what day it was! 
  1. Who remembers places? Going there, spending time there, SEEING PEOPLE?!?!?
  2. Is it time for more iced coffee? Is it time for wine? What about time for tequila?
  3. What are alarm clocks and do they really matter?
  4. When am I gonna spend all these birthday coupons?!
  5. All those things I said I would do when I had more time, yeah….they don’t really matter.
  6. It’s a good thing plants can’t talk.
  7. Thank goodness I was already stocked up on most cleaning supplies before these shenanigans went down.
  8. HOW ARE ALL THE TOILET PAPER HOARDERS DOING?! I mean, really? Have they run out yet? Have they shared with others? I’m genuinely curious. 

I hope you all enjoyed the day wherever you are! It was beautiful here in Indy!

Thanks to Jared Fessler Photography for doing a short notice virtual session with me today!

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