10 Positives from Quarantine 2020

Positives from Quarantine 2020

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I’d be lying if I said these Corona Times have been easy. They haven’t. Everyone has lost SOMETHING – a celebration, JOBS (me), an experience, trips, graduations, or worse, even loved ones. It’s been up and down and all over, and everyone has their own experiences during the pandemic.

Stress, major existential crises (that’s me over here), and being apart from the people we care about most takes a toll on anyone. Now that restrictions are lifting, and we’re finally able to start easing back into social activities, travel, and more, I want to reflect on some of the really positive things that came from this time in quarantine. To say it was all terrible, would be a straight-up lie. It’s hard to get me to sit still and actually TAKE A BREAK – even when I’m on vacation. That said, these weeks of quarantine forced me to slow the eff down. It was difficult, stressful, but the forced slow time was a thing I needed but never quite had the opportunity to take.

So, since things are opening back up and we’re emerging from our at-home hideouts, I’m declaring that I found lots of things to celebrate and enjoy from these Corona Times.

In a list, because I love lists, of course.

1. Making My Bed

I still can’t get over this one. In my 33 years of life, I have never been a bedmaker. That said, I don’t count my days working at camps in this summary. I have to make my bed; I’m the adult setting a good example. But at home, in my own room, the bed doesn’t get made. But for 75 days, I’ve made my bed. So that’s a win over here.

2. Purposefully Moving My Body

Yep, I’ve worked out a TON during this quarantine. I’m not ripped yet, so calm yourselves, but I made an effort to move in some way pretty much every single day. During the quarantine, I hit my 100 class benchmark in Eat the Frog, completed over 100 Peloton classes (they have all kinds for any workout mood), and got in a ton of steps. My workout habits were already pretty healthy, and I’m so glad. Moving around in some way has been a non-negotiable through all of this. Sometimes twice a day because I had an abundance of unused energy. 

3. My Dishes and Laundry – Always Caught Up

When you’re wearing the same 5-10 items all the time and using paper plates for all of your meals (don’t @ me), this became much easier. Paper plates continue to be one of my best ideas during these shenanigans. I don’t care what anyone says. 

4. Continuous Decluttering

When you’re at home for days on end, you really see what you do and DON’T use around your house. I’m already pretty minimalist, but it became Purgetown USA over here for a while. I filled bags and boxes (probably over 40 lbs. Of all kinds of stuff throughout staying home) that I just took to Goodwill and RecycleForce. The open space and blank walls look fabulous for the moment. Plus, it’s allowed me to take stock of things that may need to be replaced soon so I can get ready for new purchases. Plus, the pandemic purge pulled out a few fun things I haven’t seen in a while, and I got some excellent cleaning work done.

5. Seeing My Nephew

There’s no reasoning required here. Quality aunting time was a success!

6. Reading Books

Oh yes, I’ve been reading some books. Stuff that I typically wouldn’t grab because I’m always on the go. If you’re curious as to what I’ve been reading, head over to my Goodreads – I keep it pretty updated.

7. Cooking at Home

I still say I’m not a huge fan of cooking, but I can get very creative in the kitchen without too much thought. It’s a little more fun when your sister buys you new cookware for your birthday! Plus, when the stores were out of everything, some great local businesses were filling in the grocery gaps! Shout out to Indy Food Co-Op and Turchetti’s Meat Market. If you’re curious as to what I’ve been whipping up during quarantine, head over to my Quarantine Cuisine Pinterest Board – I’ve got alllllll kinds of options over there!

8. Secured the Bag

What I mean here is that I’ve basically put all of those critical adult documents and details in order, and they’re as up to date as they can be. In the downtime, I’ve taken a couple of seminars with the Artist Relief Tree (go donate!) about financing and planning during a pandemic, and if you can get in on the next two, I highly recommend it! 

My health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, renter’s insurance, important LLC details, my will, and EACH ONE of those documents are in order. Nothing like a global pandemic to bring those tiny details back across your radar. One day of paperwork for a lot less future stress in the event of a catastrophe is a no-brainer for me. 

If you’re looking for suggestions in this region, here’s what I have for you:

9. Skin Care is Serious Business

I typically follow a super simple routine – wash, tone, hydrate, and try to get facial treatments as often as possible. Buuuuuuuuut, The Rona changed all of those plans. That said, thanks to Farmasi, Allure Beauty Box, and even Grove Collaborative (not just cleaning products), I’ve been creating a morning regimen AND an evening regimen over here. If you’re looking for some products, I’ve linked a few below that I’ve really loved!

10. Connecting with Old Friends

This is THE thing I think I’ve loved the most. I’ve got to talk to friends all over the place through Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, and all those other fun apps. In “real life,” our schedules can all be so nuts, but thanks to The Rona, people who might not be available to get together could make it happen.

That’s just ten things for me. I could honestly find so many more silver linings from this pandemic. In some ways, I’m sad for the downtime to be over, but I’m more ready to get back to life – or some semblance of it. Take care of yourselves out there! 

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What are some good takeaways from your time in lockdown? I want to hear about alllllll the good stuff!

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