Best 2020 Pandemic Purchases

Best 2020 Pandemic Purchases

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Who out there got a little crazy with the online shopping during quarantine? I’ll raise my hand here! I didn’t get too crazy, but I finally did replace some stuff that was nearing the end of its life and stocked up on some of my favorite goods. I will add, though, I was PURGING like crazy in here too. That said, there are some things that I’m glad I got around to buying during “The Corona Times.

Now that we’re emerging and coming back to life (slowly but surely here in Indianapolis), there are some significant pandemic purchases that I’d love to share with you!


I’ve done tons of reading and writing in this downtime. Thanks to the Libby app (check your local library) and Kindle Unlimited, I’ve been burning through books.

If you’re more into writing, I’ve had lots of thoughts to pour into The Contentment Journal by Rachel Cruze and Present Not Perfect by Aimee Chase. They’re journals that only require a few minutes. They’re not overwhelming, and the pages aren’t necessarily a blank abyss that you get flummoxed over filling up. They’re prompted and easy pages to complete.


Anyone who knows me well knows that most of the time, I really don’t care about beauty items. I like a few things, but I stick to them. However, during the Corona break, I’ve decided to get fancy and try some new stuff – hence the pandemic purchase!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve got a few new skincare items that I’ve really enjoyed: Akar Toner, Dr. Jart + Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30, Farmasi Aloe Scrub, Farmasi Age Reversist Eye Cream, and the SKIN INC Supplement Bar My Daily Dose of Uplift.

Up next, deodorant! If you’re looking for something that’s natural and comes in glass bottles that can be recycled, might I suggest Pit Liquor by Distilled Bath & Body? I sampled some of their products over the holidays, but ended up stocking up during Rona! I love the variety of scents and their packaging. Plus, they don’t have that typical powdering smell of most deodorants. You know what I’m talking about.

Do you like monthly subscription boxes? I usually say no to these, but the Allure Beauty Box has been a lot of fun when it comes to seeing and trying new products! Each box comes with a variety of samples and at least TWO full-size products!

Home Items

Pre-Rona, I was never home much. Once the stay-at-home orders hit, I found lots of things that needed replacing, so I started making lists. I thought about things I could buy, things that could be repurposed, what needed to be purged – all of it. So, there were some new items that I got that I’m excited about!

I’ve had a blank spot in my living room for a while. I had some large photo posters there, but I got tired of them a while ago and put them in the purge pile. SO, I needed a large item for my living room – a large map tapestry from Wish! It’s not here yet, but I’m very excited to get it and have the bright pops of color in my living room.

Map Tapestry from Wish

I added some local art to my collection during the quarantine! Graves Co. Pottery created a really unique line of pottery just for the pandemic! Toilet paper, plague doctors, bowls, mugs, stickers – and the proceeds all go towards feeding artists and others affected by the pandemic. Great cause and exceptional items that are fun to talk about!

Plague Doctor Mug (also comes as a bowl)

Indianapolis artist Brittany Shatley created a new piece every day during May and sold these small pieces for a great price! I now have two in a floating frame right by my desk!

Art by Brittany Shatley

Now on to bedroom goodies, are you all aware of the glory that is microfiber sheets?!?! I was not aware until recently, and my life has been changed. I have two sets, and I’m not looking back!

Since we’re speaking about bedding, Vera Bradley was KILLIN’ IT with sales. If you ever need bright patterned bedding, I always suggest taking a look here. I may have invested in some Sea Life printed bedding. Actually, there’s no “may” about it. I totally did.

The pandemic also brought an addition to my plant collection! Money tree plants are extremely easy to take care of and since I’ll be around all summer, I thought, “why not?!” I don’t have a link for my exact plant, but this is a similar one from Etsy!

Food & Kitchen

Aside from supporting local businesses with orders and takeout food, these were some great staples to have at home during the pandemic

I’m a solid water drinker, but sometimes I’m over it. Enter Hydrate by Coffee Over Cardio. I got the Strawberry Daiquiri flavor, and it’s great for workout, enjoying instead of coffee, or just spicing up another water bottle.

Smoothies are another thing I love. They’re even better when they’re already made and I just dump it in the blender! Highly recommend Revive Superfoods if you’re looking to order a pre-made batch of smoothies! For different price points, get a box of frozen smoothies sent to your door and get your veggies and fruits for the day. I love that they have a “clean & green” line that’s also keto-friendly! Just dump the cup in the blender with a little almond milk and you’re good to go!

Morning Mocha Revive Superfoods
Morning Mocha by Revive Superfoods

Pandemic purchases were serious business over here. I know I probably bought some things I didn’t really need, but I’m happy that I’ve got some new goodies to enjoy since I’m going to continue to be home more often.

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What was your best (or craziest) pandemic purchase? Spill it!

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